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Simona Chelaru

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Cluj Napoca



1. Why we choose Decathlon?

Have you ever been to Polus Center Cluj? It’s impossible not to see the big sign of the store Decathlon. Even though you don’t need something from the store, you enter just to take a look. You see nice people smiling, asking if you need any help, they also have a nice machine, near the cash register, with a big smiley face and a button. Each customer, if it’s satisfied with the services can press the button and they can count the happy customers.

You can find in the store anything you want related to sports, you can even try them on; you can play to see if the equipment fits. Each sport, every product has a well defined place on the shelf for the customers to find very easy what they want.

On the official website of the company and the recruitment site, the store presents the good side of the company. They look happy, professional, ecological and also customer oriented. In this essay we will try to present the good and the bad parts of the company, using information from their websites, from forums, from people that experienced the recruitment process of the store and from people that had work or still working over there.

2. Who is Decathlon?

The first Decathlon store is opened in 1976 in Englos, northern France, with a clear concept to bring together all sports under one roof, at the best possible price. In 1986, the company decided to develop international and is opening the first store outside France, in Dortmund, Germany and after that in Barcelona, Milano, London and many others. The first Decathlon store opens in Romania in 2009, in Bucharest.

Almost every organisation has a culture that fairly dictates its everyday functioning. According to Edgar Schein, “Cultural understanding is desirable for all of us, but it is essential to leaders if they are to lead”. Even there are a lot of culture differences between nations, differences in national values and attitudes, Decathlon maintained his own corporate values, only adjusting them according to the differences of cultures.

The store has been working on ecological solutions for its store for several years. A strong example is removing the free plastic bag in various countries, they also recover used sports products and they organize events raising the awareness of staff and customer. The buildings are also trying to meet their basic principles: they must be simple, economically viable and useful to the customer.

The company’s care for the environment is shown by the High Quality Environmental standard certification. This certification is based on technical elements defined by 14 targets divided into several criteria:

- Eco construction

- Eco management

- Health and Comfort

In real terms, this approach is materialized by landscaped car parks, better thermal insulation and natural roof lighting for example.

For Decathlon is important to enter into a sustainable relationship with the local economic, sporting and corporate environment. That’s why every new store is set up in close partnership with local players. Partnership with local companies, schools, sports associations and clubs.

At Decathlon, service does not end with the sale of an item. They try to satisfy each customer by allowing them to test many products before buying it. They also have repair workshops were they make repairs, adjustments, customizations, everything the customer wants: ski waxing, bike repairs, serigraphy, racket stringing etc.

Twice a year, in some countries, the customers have the possibility of selling their old equipment and buy second hand sport equipment.

The biggest obsession for Decathlon is making the pleasure of sport accessible to...

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