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Second Speaker – Debating

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is ... and as the second speaker I will be further convincing you as to why my team would repeal the second amendment. I will be covering the issues revolving gun violence.

But firstly I must point out the many flaws that the negating team has presented.

The first speaker of the negating team said that….

She/He also said that…..

Also said that…..

Also said that…

Moving on, my first point is that guns only result in death. They are killing machines that do not recognise the good from the bad. They do not take sides, and they only have one duty. And that is to kill.

Now I’m assuming that all of you have heard of the recent mass shootings in America. For example there has been the Colorado theatre shooting which has killed 12 people and injured 59 and also the horrific Connecticut elementary school shooting which is just to name a few.

The Connecticut school shooting resulted in 27 people brutally murdered by an American citizen with a gun. Now this gun did not recognise the children that were only aged between 5 and 10. No! The gun didn’t think ‘oh my, there are 20 children I’m being pointed at! Maybe I shouldn’t release my bullet even though my tripper is being pulled.. .’ Nope, this gun doesn’t have a mind of its own, the guy just pulled the trigger and the bullets fired out which pierced 20 little bodies.

Should these dangerous killing machines be allowed to roam the street so casually? My team firmly disagrees. The negating team might argue that it is only a minority of 27 people compared to the whole of America, but what about the families of these children and adults, what about their friends? What about the children that witnesses that terrible scene? Would be not be affected? Of course they would, their hearts would be torn apart!

You might not be able to understand how they feel, but to give you an idea, let’s pretend...
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