Death to Mr. Rose

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Chantel Johnson
April 13th 2013
SPCM 100-17
Death to Mr. Rose

The media and its relation to the American culture can become a slippery slope into a world of unrealistic exceptionalities. Beside magazines and movies, music videos and video games hold a very large influence over the youth of the American society. Which in other words, is the future of the American society. In his first most popular music video “Rack City”, Tyga takes the focus off of his contumelious lyrics to act out a criminal/love story. This essay will be analyzing Tygas first “Rack City” video, centering in on its storytelling and gender & sexuality methods, as well as analyzing the significant source of the overall theme.

The video begins telling us that it is difficult to stay alive in Rack City, but Tyga has managed to do so for 22 years. Next, we learn that Tyga is a young gangster in Rack City and Mr. Rose is a “big boss”. The story starts when Tyga and his gang steal a bag of gold from Mr. Roses warehouse. Afterwards he goes to, Redrum Midnight, a club that Mr. Rose owns and falls for a dancer named Chyna. The following day, Mr. Rose kidnaps Tygas new love interest and sets a meeting with Tyga to let him know the situation, and how they would be able to make a trade. As the video ends, Tyga returns to the bag of gold back to Mr. Rose, for Chyna. But, he plants an active bomb in it and before the club blows to pieces, himself and Chyna run for their lives, making it out in the knick of time. Before the death of Mr. Rose, he tells Tyga to be careful; Rack City is a dangerous place.

This story could be giving off more messages than intended and expected. The use of the storytelling method helps identify different ideas used to enhance the message. The video is significant, because without it, one would never imagine this kind of story behind the lyrics. It is a narrative video based on characters and a story line. This video is using romance, action and crime as the genre. The subject is love, because Tyga saves his love from Mr. Rose, and kills him. The message is love prevails, even in the dangers of Rack City; companionship survives and is most important. The conflict is primarily character vs. society, because of the emphasis on stealing money, gun use and prostitution. But within that, character vs. character is developed between Tyga and Mr. Rose about who is running Rack City. The master plot is shared between rescue and love because without the newly discovered love, Tyga wouldn’t be returning any gold. Tyga has different tones when concerning the song lyrics and the actual video. The tone of the lyrics alone can seem callous and haughty. But when analyzing the video there is a didactic and matter-of-fact tone, educating the audience and accepting the conditions he is in. When combining those, one can understand how there are a variety of messages that can be interpreted. While watching this video, the audience would most likely encounter reactions of shock, suspense and romance. And since this is a story told from Tyga himself, this is a first person narrative. The characters in the story all have significant roles as well. By now I am sure it is obvious that Tyga is the protagonist, Mr. Rose is the antagonist and Chyna is the foil. The characters are apparent and limited in this video, any minor characters would have to be Tygas crew, and another silent character only in the video, who gives Tyga some useful information to get Chyna back. Conclusively, Tyga is the chosen one, the hero, his girlfriend Chyna is the love interest, an object being used between two men at war, and Mr. Rose is the evil big shot, well known in the city. The use of intertextuality is a valuable method in this video. A direct inference in this video would be the RockStar logo found in video game Grand Theft Auto. An indirect reference is the white masks and black clothing while robbing Mr. Rose, taken from the movie Dead Presidents. Tyga said in a...

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