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Strangers, Again

Writing a relationship story from a video clip is so difficult and so inherently uninteresting, that there really needs to be some compelling reason to include one in the story. And that reason has to do with how characters are getting along or not. To put characters in this overused and fairly boring situation, something more has to be happening than simply hugs, kisses and cuddles. What else is love about in this video clip except getting along or not getting along? To put this image as a whole into perspective, this video called Strangers, Again is about how every relationship goes through stages where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

The video begins with this wonderful story is centered between two main characters: The guy named Josh, who is also the narrator throughout the whole video, and the girl named Marissa, describing how they went through the relationship from stages. At first, they meet each other at a crossroads while running and their future is uncertain. Josh guides the audience with the purpose of pointing out through each stage of the relationship as it forms and what he predicts will happen. I believe the narrator’s purpose, though, is to draw the audience into that moment, to pull their chairs up to that screen they are watching on their computer so that the audiences are utterly convinced of the reality of this relationship in stages.

For my evaluation of this video, I deeply analyzed two main components. I did this by watching the video ten times and have it stuck in my head the best I could. Then I took a few notes down and narrow down the key components; camera angles, camera perspective, and music. First time when I played the video, I turned off the volume and try to understand the story by visualizing, just looking at the video without any sound allowed me to find the film maker’s perspective, and author’s...

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