The Effect Of Country Music On Suicide Analysis

Pages: 6 (1412 words) Published: March 1, 2018

Music, existing for several generations, has evolved through time, catching the attention of many music admirers, demanding an explanation as to if violence and suicde play a role in certain genres of music. Both Steven Stack, Jim GundLach, Jeanita W. Richardson and Kim A. Scott discuss the topic on violence and suicide connecting to the real world and music.
Furthermore, In Steven Stack and Jim Gundlach's article, "The Effect of Country Music on Suicide" they discuss the "link between a particular form of popular music (country music) and metropolitan suicide rates" (211), and how the themes found in country music tend to carry a suicidal mood among those already at risk of commiting suicide. Stack and Gundlach wrote this article in order...

The two authors also mention that there are a number of suicidogenic themes that can foster suicide. Some of these themes include; alcohol abuse-drinking to manage problems, as well as financial strain/exploitation at work-feeling of hopelessness. This article gives an example of a country song that could cause a person to consider commiting suicide. It states, "Worked this place all my life, broke my heart, took my wife. Now I got nothing to show" (213). These lyrics tend to lead to the question of, "If I have worked here all my life and all I have gotten from it is a broken heart and a divorce, then what am I living for anymore if I Iost it all and have nothing to show"? Their findings are indeed...

Scott's article, "Rap Music and its Violent Progency: America's Culture of Violence in Context” approaches the issue of "rap music as a creative expression and metorphorical offspring of America's well-established culture of violence. Richardson and Scott's point of this article was to answer the question to what the role of rap music is and how it contributes to voilence in society. Richardon and Scott pulled different statistics and data from violence within movies, video games, and music. This artical states, "Violence in music is not by any means limited to rap or gangsta rap. Folk and country music have contained references to murder, killing of police, and domestic violence for decades" (181). The method of the authors was to place rap music in a context that was unusual to the audience, the authors grabbed several different ideas about rap music such as; capitalism and rap, political and judicial scrutiny of rap, rap in the scholorly literature, rap within cultural capital and social reproduction, violence in rap music and overal rap musics effects on the culture. The authors did not exaclty answer their research question, they merely just implemented different ideas about violence and rap in order to increase the audiences knowledge on the given subject. The authors arrived to the conclusion that "[r]ap music has drawn attention to the subjugated life and senseless violence the mainstream culture attempts to...
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