Dear America Letters

Topics: Poverty, Family, Life, Great Depression, Child, The Reader / Pages: 2 (473 words) / Published: Sep 13th, 2015
Have you ever suffered from hunger? Have you ever experienced severe poverty? Today I’m going to tell you about the miserable story of one child living in developing country. It is about the special letter I received from a child who I’ve been supporting. As you see, this letter is just a simple drawing of a flower. Just a flower with small leaves on it. The flower is colored with red crayon and the leaves are painted untidily with green. But there’s no more than a flower. The letter is mostly filled with white blank space, and a sheet of paper is worn out by the dirty thumbs of a child. You may think that there’s no special thing about this letter. However, this letter is a very meaningful object to me, because it taught me the realities of the difficulties and adversity of the poor, and really touched my heart. …show more content…
In there, I met the most innocent and purest children. Being with them in 후엉호아, Vietnam became an unforgettable piece of my memories. Especially, the meeting with my supporting child 투옥 gave me a chance to think of many things. Before I actually met 투옥, I was really excited to see her. I wanted to enjoy special time with 투옥, and I went to met her in delight. But what greeted me was wandering eyes of a scared girl. Although I tried to be friendly with her and gave a big smile to her, 투옥 never opened her mind to me. She was just looking at the empty sky meaninglessly. Except for me, everyone was spending pleasure time with their support child and I was really sad that I could not spend good time with 투옥. Then 투옥’s sister read my countenance and scolded 투옥. ‘What am I to scold that delicate child?’ I was so sorry and felt pitiful of

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