A letter to Obama

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Dear President Barack Obama,
There are some things that I would love to discuss. Although, I know you’re very busy, I feel a man of your ethnic background can relate to some of the issues that you’re probably aware or aren’t aware of. Just a year ago, a young boy by the name of “Trayvon Martin” was killed. This story bothered me, because not too long ago, George Zimmerman was found NOT guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. He stated that, he was only trying to protect himself, because Martin “tried” to harm him. Martin was found with an Arizona bottle and a bag of skittles, how was Martin trying to harm Zimmerman with only those two things? I feel like race had a strong part of this. If the script were flipped, Zimmerman would be in jail and Martin would finally have his Justice. Another issue is money wise. I feel like the taxes are too high and unemployment rate has skyrocketed. I feel if I’m paying a lot for taxes, we should have more to offer. Otherwise, where is the money going? Being Gay in this society I feel is a huge issue. I don’t understand why. Homosexuals that were born on U.S soil don’t have the same rights as any other U.S citizen. Why is it that, someone that is homosexual have to, not only deal with other people judging them, but have to also deal with the fact that their own country won’t except them for who they are. I know you have no power over this and congress controls most decisions, but as president you have a voice. We chose you to be that voice of the people. A voice that people are hoping you can be heard.
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