The Happiest Thing of My Life

Topics: Primary school, Eating, Food, Homelessness, Thought / Pages: 3 (569 words) / Published: Jan 14th, 2011
Memories stop at a couple of years ago. That is a rain day, and I didn’t take my umbrella, so I stay at the door of a shop. There is a homeless woman next to a little at the other side of the road. I thought the little boy should be her son. The girl dropped the only bamboo poncho over the boy's body. Suddenly, my eyes are fascinated by a lovely little boy. He probably five or six years old, with a little yellow hat only has in primary proprietary, lips humming the songs, and looks fun on his face, chubby little hand holding a shiny umbrella with flowers logo on it, the other hand holding a piece of sweet and delicious, exquisite cakes. Pop jumping from his walk in front of me. Mixed with the water splashed his feet, but he did not care. Suddenly he stopped and looked back as the old beggar, and then looked down at the cake on his hand and the beggars, biting his lip, as if to think about something, a brick firm steps walked to the beggar. 
 "Well, it’s for you, this is the last thing I bought with pocket money." The boy said. Beggars opened his eyes, awakened from a dreamless, "to me? Thank you so much." He spoke, he trembled with his hand and slowly took the cake. But he confused the cake to the side of a child. Children immediately gobbled up. "This is my son," the beggar said: "He has not eaten in a long time. thanks for the piece of cake." The boy petted the little boy’s head and said: "It does not matter, we should help each other when they need help." just finished, he ran to the house, gradually disappear in a crowded street.
When I was young, my parents, school teachers have taught us to be helpful, others have a difficult time in reaching out to make their own efforts to help them, but with age, it seems fewer and fewer people noted that, contrary to the younger children more attention to these things. Maybe someone will think that to a beggar on the street would be embarrassed to eat; some people will think that beggars are fake, rely on make lies to

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