David Fletcher Case Study

Topics: The A-Team, Team, Building Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: January 8, 2012
Case Study: David Fletcher
1. What are David’s greatest strengths as a team leader? Greatest developmental needs? How did these strengths and weaknesses affect David’s ability to build a successful team the first time around? Points for Class Discussion:

Greatest Strengths:
* David is focused on the objective of the team and he is well aware of the function of the team once assembled. * David is also good in building mutual connection with his team members as exemplified by his “student-teacher” relationship with Stephanie. Developmental Needs:

* David lacks people skills; He should be more critical in identifying and analyzing interpersonal problems within his organization and address these problems promptly. He should realize that collaboration of his team is as important as their individual contribution, if not more. Effects to Team Building:

Having a clear objective of what the team is supposed to be doing will help a lot in achieving its goal. This was evident when the team was smoothly running the first couple of months. However, as the team was not built on solid foundation and members are not really compatible working with each other, cracks eventually formed that lead to the downfall of the group.

2. What type of team was David trying to assemble? What type of team do you think would be most appropriate for this specific business environment? David Fletcher was originally trying to build a research team composing of analysts who are experts in certain industries. His preference of having experts for team members came from the need to analyze and sift through huge amount of research data that can assist him in coming up with sound investment decisions. His decision of building a research team to handle the details of his day to day operations would be the most appropriate strategy given his specific business environment.

3. Discuss what you think the biggest problems/obstacles faced by David in the...
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