Eric Peterson Case Study

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Erik Peterson Case Study (A)-

Eric Peterson was General Manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone company a subsidiary of CelluComm's. Eric joined company just after competing his MBA.

Below listed details of diffent situations arises in front of Eric during last few months-

>Erik was new in the telecom industry, having no prior experience in the same field and on joining he was asked report directly to Jeff Hardy Director-Budgets & Plans rather than President [Ric Jenkins] and to his surprise even Jeff had no expertise in the relevant areas which derailled or disengaged him from Jeff who was unable to offer him any kind of advice ,suggestion or guidance.

>Project i.e. construction of Towers was running several weeks behind the schedule and one of the reason was due to inability of construction subcontracting company delivering on time and that firm was replaced by Granite State Construction company in order to get the things done on time.

>Eric had difficulty getting Curt Andrew the chief engineer, to perform proactive job about planning and co-ordination in order to organize equipment and supplies on time though he was found lacking in organization and planning skills and also had difficult relationships with colleagues. He had one-on-one counseling sessions with him on how to plan better.

>Eric called weekly meetings involving everyone in the organization in order to create synergies between different departments and to maximize the exchange of ideas among the people in the company.

>Eric established an inventory control reporting system in order to not to ran out of equipments [radio’s] during the installation process otherwise repeating the entire installation process which results in wasting valuable time and money.

>Eric encountered difficulties related to hire a qualified person and issues related to salary due to salary limitations he had to work within.

>Eric Peterson's problems became more complicated by several...
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