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Topics: Team, Communication, Specific performance Pages: 1 (539 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Q2. What should he do this time around?
While David has tried to focus on team compatibility and technical expertise, he needs to make certain changes to the way he is approaching his team. Firstly, David should address the lack of oneness in his team that was so apparent during the crisis between Whitney and Brian. The team was not focussed on one common goal but on individual goals. As a leader he needs to bring about a common commitment to the whole team. Secondly, he has not been setting any specific performance goals or reviewing his team members, as mentioned by Kindred. Clear-cut and specific goals for each team member, making them accountable for each of those goals would ensure that members face lesser ambiguity and are able to work with lesser friction. David should actively reach out and be directive when he sees a potential problem or opportunity, not just when it comes to business, where he does this admirably, but also on an interpersonal level. He was very awkward about discussing with Stephanie about her clash with Brian Doyle and he only initiated a response when it was already too late and he heard it from Lodge. His attitude about how personal conflicts do not matter as long as work is getting done will need to change since it impedes teams from giving their best performance. With Mary coming into the picture, he should ensure Robinson does not have any ideas of her own on how Mary would be fitting into the team. She seems to have her own vision of the task assignment, which would go completely off if David decides to hire Fiske and Robinson both. David should ensure the whole team is on the same page in terms of expectations so that there are no disagreements at a later stage. Q3. What advice would you give Mary Robinson?

Mary Robinson enjoys a good reputation with her network and has also established rapport with both Kindred and Fletcher. However, there are a couple of things she needs to bear in mind. Being a highly specialized...
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