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There have been 6 revisions in SQL, 3 major revisions and 4 minor revisions as well. The three major revisions were SQL-86, SQL-92, and SQL:1999, and the four minor revisions were SQL:2003, SQL:2006, SQL:2008, and SQL:2011. [1] The updates in SQL:2011 are Periods, Application-time period tables, System-versioned tables, and Bitemporal tables. Application-time period tables have Primary keys, Referential constraints, and Querying and System-versioned tables have Primary key, Referential constraints, Querying. [2]

Microsoft’s SQL Express Versions are Express with Advanced Services, Express with Tools, and SQL Server Express. The advanced services have a database engine, full text search, reporting services, business intelligence development studio, and SQL server management studio. The tools have a database engine, and SQL server management studio. The SQL Server SQL Express has just a Database engine. The Limitations are there can only be 1 CPU, only 1GB of memory, only 10GB of size, and you can only do replication if you are a subscriber. [3]

Oracle Database 11g Express has limitations of 1 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of Size, and only useable with Windows and Linux. It has Features of flashback query, data encryption, SQL developer, Application Express, XML Support, .Net Support, Auto memory management, auto undo management, advanced queuing, distributed queries and transactions, XML DB, Text, and Locator. [4]

DB2 Express features are Time Travel Query, integrated tools environment, Graph Store Technology, SQL Compatibility Feature, and IBM Mobile Database sync and support. Its limitations are only 2 processor cores and 4GB of memory. [5]

DB2 offers the most space out of all of them, but the least performance and a decent amount of RAM. Oracle offers the best performance with RAM, but the least amount of size. Microsoft has good Performance, but the least amount of RAM and the middle ground for database size. Works Cited

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