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Data Analysis, Presentation &
Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Ph.D


Data Analysis Plan
The appropriate methods of data analysis are determined by your data types and variables of interest, the actual distribution of the variables, and the number of cases.


Data Management


Why prepare a plan for processing and analysis of data?
All information has been collected in a standardized way
Not collected unnecessary data which will never be analyzed A statistical analysis plan should clearly state your objectives and list the most important tasks
Also provide you with a detailed description of exactly what you want to do and why

What should the plan include?
Sorting data
Performing quality-control checks
Data processing and
Data analysis


Sorting Data
An appropriate system for sorting the data is important for facilitating subsequent processing and analysis.
For example, in a study concerning the reasons for low acceptance of family planning services, users and non-users would be basic categories.

Data Cleaning
Data cleaning is extremely important when the data collection method allows inconsistencies. All data cleaning work must be carefully documented and available in a report. Data cleaning includes the following activities as needed:
• Removal of outliers: Invalid, impossible, or extreme values may be removed from the dataset.
• Labeling missing values: It may be necessary to label each missing value.


Data Processing
The data can be processed in 7 steps:
• Step 1: List all answers for a particular question you can use the questionnaire number, so that you can place each answer in its original context, if required.
• Step 2: To establish your categories, you first read carefully through the whole list of answers. Then you start giving codes for the answers
• Step 3: List the answers again, grouping those with the same code together.


Data Processing contd…
• Step 4: Then interpret each category of answers and try to give it a

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