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Religion plays a very strong role in the novel entitled, “Daniel’s Story”. After all, being Jewish is the entire reason for the persecution of the main character and his family. Throughout the story, Daniel questions his own religious beliefs and assesses those of the people that he encounters. God’s presence is both questionable and visible in his life. He doubts and questions God for all the cruel and unjust things that are happening to Daniel and his family. At first, Daniel is confused, but he begins to really understand. Throughout the four sections in the book, we see and understand where God’s presence is visible and at what points where Daniel questions and doubts God.

The first section of the story takes place in Frankfurt. Daniel lives a good and comfortable life there. One day, Daniel is unsure why the word, “Jew” is written on his Father’s store window. Daniel was very confused and asked himself, “What was wrong with that?” He doesn’t see anything wrong with the word. To him, it means a different way of celebrating religion. Unfortunately, Mr. Schneider (Daniel’s public school teacher) was always so cruel to him just because he was Jewish. One day, Mr. Schneider had told his class, “We must all thank God that he sent Adolph Hitler to us, for only he has had the courage to deal with this Jewish problem.” Daniel was angry and went to a Jewish school (he wasn’t German enough to go to a public school). Daniel knew that he was no different than the Germans, and yet sometimes - he wondered. Daniel’s Uncle was arrested the next day for pleading guilty for two parking violations. Auntie Leah had said, “Oh God help us, what is happening?” Daniel began to question God. Unfortunately, Daniel’s grandmother killed herself. Although, she made sure that she attended Daniel’s “Bar Mitzvah”. Daniel was overcome with shock, but soon regained control. Daniel thought, “Thank God she didn’t live to see us thrown out of our homes and out of our country. And right...

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