Dancing House

Topics: Dancing House, Prague, Frank Gehry Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: December 14, 2010
Title of Building: Dancing House

Name of Architect: Frank Gehry

Date Completed: 1996

Illustration of Work:

Frank Gehry. Dancing House. Prague, Czech Republic. http://www.columbia.edu/~beecher/prague/Dancing_House/0600/dancing_building_1.html.

Part 1: Description of This Building

Dancing House by Frank Gehry, was a building that was started in 1992 and was finished in 1996. The building obviously resembling a couple dancing, was first named after Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers, two of Hollywood’s dancers from the 1930s (Favermann). At the top of the building sit’s a French Restaurant, with the remaining buildings being office buildings. Construction is from 99 concrete panels each of different shape and dimension, each therefore requiring a unique wooden form (Dancing House). The original purpose of this building was to ultimately replace a previous building that was bombed down in 1945 (Dancing House).

Part 2: One Characteristic of Postmodernism in This Building

Although there may be several obvious characteristics of Postmodernism that can be seen in this building, one of the more obvious is the extraordinary construction of the building that brings about a whimsical response. By incorporating humor and playful details, Postmodern buildings liberate the imagination of the architect, as well as the viewer (Vandermast). This can be seen in the way that Gehry constructed The Dancing House to resemble a couple dancing. The building consist of two sections, the left section of the building that appears to have a feminine feel to it, and the unusually shaped cylinder section of the building that has a more masculine feel. The left side of the building appears to resemble a woman. This becomes more obvious when the different aspects of that particular building are broken down. First, towards the mid region of the left side section of the building, it seems to have a smaller look to it, almost taking on the feel or look of a...

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