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Report on DJ culture impact on IUB students

Figure 1 : Likeness of the DJ party-10

Figure 2 : Popularity of Dj Party-10
Figure 3 : Perception about Dj party-11
Figure 4 : How often people goes to Dj party-12
Figure 5 : Is it good for IUB students-13
Figure 6 : Effects of Dj Party-13
Figure 7 : About banning Dj Party-14
Figure 8 : Bring dirtiness in our society-15


The aims and objectives of this report is to identify, describe and produce an analysis on necessity of Dj party impact on IUB students means is it affecting the IUB students in proper way or creating a disaster? This will provide a common understanding about Dj party; find out how IUB students react to it and whether it is good or bad for our IUB environment and the society. Our main purpose of this report is to let you know are the DJ parties in Bangladesh influencing the IUB students in a discipline or a disaster. First of all we will let you know about the DJ party in Bangladesh by giving you thorough information about the DJs and the DJ parties in Bangladesh including the DJ parties organized in IUB. Then we will give descriptive information about the DJ parties held in Bangladesh and which DJ parties’ students prefer to attend. Later we will discuss about the methodology where in this segment, we will discuss on the procedure of collecting information for the project. The whole data collection process has been divided in to two sections, primary and secondary section. Later we will deliver the findings of our report where we have done a survey of 50 IUB students and through which we got a better idea of the student’s opinion. In this finding we ask the students some questions that are related to the impact of the DJ parties. At first we ask the likeness of the DJ parties following this question we have asked how often the students go to DJ parties. Then through questionnaires we get the information about the effect of DJ parties on our IUB students. Following that we get the information whether DJ parties should be banned from our society. Later we get the information are DJ parties bringing dirtiness in our society and the environment of IUB. Through the questionnaires we get detail information about the report through which we can get a descriptive findings. Finally we finish the report with a informative conclusion. Later including a recommendation through where we get the information.

Table of Contents

|Sl. No. |Description |Page | |1 |Introduction |7 | |2 |Methodology |8 | |3 |Findings |10 | |4 |Conclusion |16 | |5 |Recommendations |17 | |6 |Appendix |19 |


Dj party is a very new tradition in Bangladesh. It’s a new way entertainment in Bangladesh. Even about 5 year ago there are very few people were conscious about Dj party. Gradually the situation of Bangladesh regarding Dj party has been changed. Now days, most of the people of Bangladesh are now aware about Dj party, gradually Dj party has become a common form/way of entertainment. Now a day Dj party is occurring every where in Bangladesh like corporate organization, university function, 5 star hotels, theme park like Nandon, Fantasy kingdom, Foyez lake etc.

There are lots of new Dj’s are coming out day by day in Bangladesh...
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