Rhetorical Analysis of "Pharmaceutical Innovation: Can We Live Forever? a Commentary on Schnittker and Karandinos"

Topics: Debut albums, History of dance, Embarrassment Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Chapter 6 Revised
Everybody loves to party. A meaningful party has a dramatic impact on people’s lives. It was the second day of my university life. I was invited to a new student welcome party. At the beginning of the party, I felt really embarrassed. I knew none of those people in the party. I did not know what to do. For another thing, I have trouble on communicating with other foreigner, especially native English speaker. However, my mind changed quite a bit during middle of the party, and I was glad that I made some new friends. Moreover, I felt this welcome party completely accepted me. This welcome party is going to be a turning point of my student life in Victoria.

Body paragraph 1: At the beginning of the party, I felt really nervous. There were so many people in the lounge. I felt suffocated, and did not know how to solve this embarrassment. However, a simple game saved me. we wrote our name on the paper and tossed it to other people. People could find the right person base on other’s nametags. Through this game, I felt a bit more comfort. More over, we could ask questions with each other so we can find our common interests, and learnt more from each other. I felt more involve in this party, it did get better as the party goes on.

Body paragraph 2: In the middle of the party, I changed my opinion about this party quite a bit. Then, I realized that I start to enjoy this party. Also, I made a couple of new friends that made me feel welcome. In the mea time, I could chat with them about their hometown, ask questions, and play games with them. It made me cozy. Furthermore, people got to show their talents on the party. For instance, there was a guy came from South Korea called John. John won championships of the Korean National dancing competition three times in a row. He decided to show his classic Hip Hop dancing tricks that was fabulous. And there was another African girl showed her beautiful voice through singing Halo from Beyonce. Continuously,...
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