Topics: Parable of the Good Samaritan, Good Samaritan law, Social responsibility Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Measuring Danimal project

‘Non-profitable’. This is a huge issue in any enterprise from startup ventures to giant conglomerates. It’s a term used for an excuse when firing someone and selling some parts or retracting on-going projects. Otherwise, the targets usually claim about possibility of cash influx or necessity of their existence. Even its remarkable success, the future of Danimal project is vague yet. In the case, Pretorius mainly focused on economic point of view. Maybe, this is largely because of her important position in the company. It clearly reflects a major point of view of normal companies on certain projects which have immeasurable values in monetary scale. However, there’s certain limitation on evaluation of projects only in commercial methods. By widening our criteria, we would attain new values and could have diverse interpretation on complex issues, today we are facing in business environments. First of all, it is necessary to estimate the convertible values of the project. The most of accessible approaches are dealt in the case. One is profitability growth scenario. And also, increasing brand loyalty among potential consumer is. These values are somewhat measurable. At larger level, Danimal had been implemented in other countries. A certain portion of profits from these markets should be recognized as a contribution of initial project in South Africa. Also, it is possible to consider Danimal in South Africa as an investment for the future market. However, based on the profit first belief, which is dominantly spread, Danimal project is likely to be a vulnerable subject of evaluation for withdraws at every year as Pretorius feared. The concept of social responsibility of corporation is able to offer new values for Danimal project. Pretorius also acknowledged this option. “…… but if you see it as social marketing, …… it’s perfect”. It is true that social responsible action allows acquiring some financial benefits such as an effect of...
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