Dalman and Lei Essay Paper

Topics: ManaGeR, Employment, Management Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: February 26, 2013
I feel that if dalman and lei created a new position between the location managers and

the ceo, it will help the business prosper. Because it will free up some of the time that lei

feels like he doesn’t have to focus on other things and his position. If he used his

authority to delegate and make sure that he puts together a specific team that can not only

do the job but preform at the level he does if not above it, they will end up with a good

outcome. Also working with the location managers I think is the smartest move because l ocation is what they specifically oversee so who better than them to do the job? It gives the company the perk that it needs to expand like they want to as well.

Promoting a exsiting manger is a great option but only with certain requirements, if the current manger has the experience,knowledge and drive theres no problem with promoting form within. I feel that prominting from within is a great aspect to any job or career, because if you’re with a company that you plan to stay at you wanna move up the company latter and for the employers it will help make their business more appeling to prospective employees. By making the company more appeling you’ll have more people happy to come to work because of that insentive, creating longevity because happy employees create happy custoners.

The descion should be made by dalman and lei because they are the company owners and not only if something goes wrong their livly hoods depends on it. I feel that if they were to bring someone in to make that desion with them it would have to be someone they both were comfortable with like one of the manager they would be considering for the new position then that way that person would have an more in deph look at the outcome both Dalman and Lei are seeking.
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