Cypress Semiconductor

Topics: Cypress Semiconductor, Corporation, T. J. Rodgers Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: October 30, 2009
2800 North Sheridan Road
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60691
TO:T.J. RODGERS, President/CEO
FROM:John Doe, VP, Investor Relations
SUBJECT:Letter to Sisters of St. Francis

Upon reviewing the letter sent by Doris Gormley, OSF, I can certainly understand your concern and desire to respond in a timely manner. Appearing to be a form letter with stamped signature may indicate a lack of personal commitment on the part of Sister Doris, however, does not discredit her organization’s concerns for the practices of our company. Her stance on the representation of all sexes, races, and ethnic groups on a board of directors may be held by many other individuals as well. There is a need to address the Sisters’ concern as their standpoint is made without full knowledge of what is behind candidate evaluation and selection.

While reading your letter of response to The Sisters of St. Francis I took note of a few concerns. I understand that you were emotionally heightened while writing the letter, however the scope of information given and overall length may be in excess. A strong, valid point can be made on the part of our company without the need for lengthy descriptions of corporate practice and explanatory examples. Another aspect of the letter I feel may benefit from some revision is the general tone toward Sister Doris Gormley and The Sisters of St. Joseph. While the letter develops in somewhat of a demeaning and negative manner, our company wishes to shed a respectful light on all shareholders. This is not to say that the meaning of the response shall be lost, but that the delivery of it is appropriately presented. I have attached a draft letter of response to Sister Doris with the aforementioned revisions.

Doris Gormley, OSF
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
Our lady of Angels Convent – Glen Riddle...
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