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Assessment booklet

Learning Outcome 2

CYPOP 40 2.1: Parents as partners in their children’s
early learning

1.Explain ways in which parents are engaged as partners in their children’s early learning.

A. One way that parents could engage as partners in their child’s learning could be getting their child to take books home, this would help the child to develop their intellectual skills at home as the child would be doing their homework and schoolwork at home, this allows the parents to engage in their child’s learning because they would be helping out with their child’s homework and it allows them to see what their child is learning. B. Also to keep the parents engaged practitioners should have files or books where they write down everything their child has done for the day, such as if they answered a question right or if they have learned how to spell a new word, or what activity they have done and how they did, basically all the things they have learned at the setting, this can help a parents to practice the things their child has learned at home so they don’t forget the next day. CYPOP 40 2.2, 2.3, 2.4: Strategies for working in partnership with parents

Task 1
Explain two key relationship building strategies and/or skills involved in working in partnership with parents.
a.Good first impressions, this is important to build a good relationship and ensures that both the parents and the practitioners know what is expected of each other when working in partnership.

b.Valuing their opinions, the practitioner will have to let the parents know that they value his or hers opinions this will mean the setting giving feedback sheets for parents to fill in or listening to the parents when they bring in concerns.

Task 2
Explain two key communication strategies and/or skills involved in working in partnership with parents.
aThe setting could have welcoming signs in...
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