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As a teacher of young children I am aware of the need to involve parents in child’s educational and developmental process. Each parent is an expert and a valuable partner when it comes to identifying and meeting their child’s needs. As I reflect on my teaching practices, I make sure tha I provide a variety of opportunities for parents as well as family members to participate in activities and experiences planned for their child. By valuing parents’ involvement in the total education of their children, it shows my competence in meeting Standard IV. CS IV – Families- It is very important that I establish positive channels of communication with parents in my classroom. Upon drop off and pick up, I talk with the parents to let them know about their child’s day. Parents are always welcome in my classroom. I let the parents know they can call anytime to check on their child. I respect all parents and value them as a partner in their child’s education. I also post pictures on the Facebook daycare page of the kids. CS IV a- Each day I greet the parents and ask simple questions about the child’s time at home. Parents share activities, concerns, and other points that they think I should know. I also communicate with parents through text message or phone call. CS IV b- I talk to the parents daily. They share family activities and experiences that involve the child. Example last month, I have a child his parents are going through a divorce. When the Mom picked the son up she talked to me about it to let me know what was going on. I am glad she did. The following week I started seeing behaviors in him, which I knew why they was happening. Every time, his Dad picks him up he changes into a totally different kid. It just amazes me. CS IV C- In viewing and reflecting on the Family Questionnaires, I was surprised how much the parents valued me as their child’s teacher. I did have one page that said I capable/competent in three areas. I did talk with...
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