Cycling to knowledge with Big History

Topics: Learning Pages: 4 (1919 words) Published: June 11, 2014
Cycling to Knowledge with Big History
by Joya van Hout,
Attorney at Law, Founder and board member of “The Study Road Foundation”


This year we finished the pilot of The Study
Road and cycled 12,500 km all the way from
Istanbul to Beijing, visiting 8 universities where the
pilot team took classes together with local students. It
was an adventure in every way. And this was only the
beginning. In this modest contribution I explain the
concept and the values of The Study Road; its sources
of inspiration; and how it integrates Big History in

to Beijing. In the main cities they take lectures
together with local students facilitated by universities,
companies and NGO’s. Next to the focus on Big
History we provide training in leadership skills,
personal development and some aspects of group
dynamics. Theory and practice go hand in hand. Big
History will be the foundation on which the lectures at
the universities will elaborate. In the final part of this
article more is explained about Big History during
The Study Road.

I. Introduction
Life is about learning, and the world is one
gigantic classroom. That is my personal
opinion, of course. School does not and
cannot teach everything, and often the real
learning starts only after graduation. And
then all these developments on for example
the Internet together with globalization
emphasize this fact only more. Today
everything is possible, but to some this can
be suffocating as well. The options, the
possibilities, the choices that need to be made
are immense. We think it is more and more
important to find ways how to guide yourself
through life towards your own set goals.
Getting yourself a compass and learn how to use it is
rather handy. And this is what we wish to offer our

II. The Study Road – study on your bike
The Study Road challenges the status quo of
education. We think that education could be more fun,
adventurous and...
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