Cyber Crimes

Topics: Fraud, MySpace, Identity theft Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: September 5, 2014
Cyber Crimes
Today Internet has become an integral part of everyone's life. In fact Internet is a world of virtually unlimited possibilities for all of us. But sadly also for the criminals. Every day they attack our computers, steal personal and confidential information, or send false messages. So, being an Information security student I, Shweta gupta would like to tell everyone present here about what actually is a crime over the internet. Any crime that involves the use of computer, network, devices, internet is termed as Cyber Crime. Today, the keyboard has become a more powerful tool and can be used to commit any crime easily by sitting at just one place. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the cyber crimes in India has increased by 47.5% in past few years. Seven out of ten frauds are cyber crimes. Some of the cyber crimes includes Hacking, Phishing, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, revenge, cyber bullying, identity theft, cyber pornography and many more. One can easily become a victim of these cyber crimes if he/she is not aware about how to use the Internet safely. By the use of Phishing attacks i.e. sending of fake emails, the attacker can easily get the access to anyone's credentials such as passwords, userids, credit card details etc..The attacker can also fake an identity online by hacking into the systems and also can access the sensitive information. There are other major cyber crime cases that occurred in India in the past few years which includes The case, Suhas katti case, ICICI bank Phishing attack and many more. In the case the CEO of, which was a popular online store, was arrested in December,2004 because an obscene MMS clipping was listed for sale on that website, in the name of "DPS girl having fun" in contrast to the controversy of DPS MMS scandal. The Advertisement was soon taken down and the CEO of was arrested. So, in order to protect yourself from being a victim of any kind of...
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