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Cyber crimes are crimes in which the computer is either an “object or subject of the conduct constituting crime.” Computers are easy to access and store a lot of data in a small space, which make them vulnerable to criminals. Cyber criminals may include children, adolescents, professional hackers, resentful employees, etc.

The BAL Bharati case in Delhi is an example of a cybercrime committed by a juvenile. Harassment by friends was the reason. Hackers ply their trade for various reasons. Pakistani hackers target websites of the Indian government for political motives. Others hack websites of companies to get information about their products or activities and then sell the information to their rivals. Employees who have been sacked hack the systems of their employers for revenge.

Email bombing is the term used to describe the sending of many emails to the victim resulting in their systems crashing. Data diddling means altering raw data before a computer processes it. It is changed again after the processing is finished. Salami attacks are found in financial institutions. Here, the data altered is very small.

For instance, in the Ziegler case, a logic bomb was introduced in the bank’s system. Ten cents was deducted from every account and deposited in a separate account. In denial of service attack, the computer is flooded with many requests until it crashes. Computer viruses and worm attacks are further examples of cyber attacks. The love bug virus caused losses amounting to $10 million. Robert Morris unleashed the Internet worm in 1998 which almost halted the development of the internet. Then there are logic bombs which are programs which get activated when a certain event happens.

Trojan attacks are unauthorized programs. They get control over another system by pretending to be an authorized program. They are installed through email usually. In the US, a cyber criminal secured the nude photos of a woman through a Trojan installed in her computer which

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