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Date:31 October 2012
To:Mr Donald Graham
Vibevej 6
6000 Kolding

From:Communication and Marketing Assistant,
Morten Menzel
Subject:Reply to your complaint “Algarve Ballos des Torros”

Dear Mr Graham

We received your letter of complaint where you point out some problems that you were involved with and also some broken promises. First of all I will thank you for informing us, so that we can take care of the problems and also to help you and your family out with a solution.

In your letter you told us that our guide was nowhere to be found when the situation really were needed it, this is something we definitely will look into. By that said I want to ensure you that some of our biggest values here at Aarhus Charter is to make our employees independent and responsible of their time and work. Of course we have a schedule that points out exactly who and where they’re supposed to be, and maybe this program is where the problem have occurred which we’re dealing with in this exact moment.

At Aarhus Charter it’s our policy that the customer are the centre of our attention and also to treat our guests with respect and to make sure that they’ll get an great experience by travelling with us. This compared with the problems of the electric system that was broken and also the air-condition that did not work is completely not as it should be and you’ve paid for.

Your benefits
Dear Donald Graham and family.
We are truly sorry about your first experience with Aarhus Charter and we will do almost anything to make sure that you’ll know that we are pleased to hear from you and that you chose us as your travel agency. What we can do to sort out the problems:

* Refund the cost of the taxi
* Refund for the extra paid for the air-condition
* Refund a reasonable amount for the electric system
We would also love to give you a gift card to a whole new exclusive destination for you and your family, a holiday of one week.

Finally, may we say...
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