Customer Service

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When thinking about the places that I have stopped doing business and the reasons why I stopped shopping there is because I was treated with disrespect now being greeted or being ignored, I can’t shop at a place where they ignored me and judged me because I am unable to meet their specific standard of the ideal customer. A clear example for me of this is was when I went in to Gucci and I was totally ignored and no one talked to me. I went in there with the total intention of purchasing a wallet and because I was not wearing heels and an expensive bag I was totally ignored. I will never again go back in to Gucci and try and shop there again I would rather go into Burberry or any other store to make sure that I am able to be treated with respect. Another place that I will not shop at again is Verizon because when I called them letting them know that they were over charging me I was not given any update and I have to go and call and call and call until two months later I finally got the credit after a lot of time and effort. Honestly I will never do business with Verizon again. I can’t do business with someone that doesn’t value my time and my effort.

The “cocktail party effect” is when there are several conversations going on at a party that everyone is trying to listen to one conversation while understanding that there are several conversations going on at a time. The ways that you can minimize this effect when dealing with a customer is that you take them to a part of the store that is more quiet or where you are able to hear them. You also have to make sure that you are paying attention to the customer so that you are not getting confused and making sure they feel special.

The attitudes toward using the phone affect one’s telephone techniques because if one has never been shown how to answering the phone than you are at a disadvantage and you are not going to be able to understand the importance of it. You have to be clean and speak with emphasis...
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