Customer Lifetime Value - a Case Study

Topics: Customer lifetime value, Sandwich, Touring car racing Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Customer Lifetime Value - A Case Study
* Group 1: 7
* Group 2: 11.875
* Group 3: 2.5
2 Questions
a Your manager asks you what you think might explain the differences in p, r, and AC between the three groups. What would you say? i Group 1’s higher “p” could be due to the fact that this group of students doesn’t have the meal plan that undergrad students who live on (or close to) campus have. Additionally, some MBA students may have longer classes than the typical undergad student, especially on weekends. The MBA students may be more inclined to buy more food to save and snack on during class sessions. The retention probability through a certain time “r” is expected to be higher for undergrad students who live on or closer to campus and can easily walk to the sandwich shop. MBA students still have a high retention rate, but following the completion of their MBA program, they’re less likely to drive to Ike’s for food since they commute to school (especially if they have a good sandwich shop from where they commute). Regarding “AC”, the cost to promote Ike’s for people familiar with the area (Group 2) is expected to be lower because the Bay Area natives already have some knowledge of Ike’s. The “AC” for Groups 1 & 3 are higher because Ike’s must promote their business to people who have most likely never heard of the sandwich shop through ads, Facebook, or coupons. b What do you think could be done to improve CLV for any of the groups? Describe a specific action that can be taken by Redhead and explain how it alters the variables and CLV in the table for one or more groups. ii I expected the CLV for Group 3 to be higher considering the distance from the school. It could be so low due to the meal plan those students might have, but by decreasing the “AC” from 25 to 20, “CLV” will increase from 2.5 to 7.5. The can be done by focusing their advertising efforts aimed at students to strictly...
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