Topics: 3D computer graphics, Computer graphics, Independent component analysis Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
REFERENCE :- Prof. Dr. Leif kobbelt ( The faithful digitization and digital reproduction of three dimensional real world objects is fundamental challenges in computer graphics. In this research area there is a focus on new techniques to reconstruct 3D objects from simple photos or video. New solutions to involved problems such as camera calibration, structure from motion, and methods for volumetric and explicit surface reconstruction are considered. Highly efficient and illumination invariant photo-consistency measure for image-based, volumetric 3D reconstruction allows to compute reliable probability estimates whether the desired object surface passes through a specific region in space or not Also new methods for surface extraction from such photo-consistency volumes, which allows to generate triangle meshes that are faithful reproductions of the real 3D object surface solely from images. Character Animation from 2D Pictures and 3D Motion Data

REFERENCE :- Prof. Dr. Leif kobbelt ( Research on two-dimensional image manipulation is a part of research presently. Solutions for problems such as matting, image completion, texture synthesis, or rigid image manipulation have been detected. There is exploration of interesting new ideas to re-animate still pictures. In this research there is an idea of creating animations directly in image space one step further by making photographed persons move. Development of a purely image based approach to combine real images with real 3D motion data in order to generate visually convincing animations of 2D characters from only a single image.

Quad-Dominant Remeshing

REFERENCE:- M. Vasilescu & D. Terzopoulos ( Remeshing algorithms are...
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