Current Issues on Philippine Education

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Current Problems of the Philippine Educational System

1.The government only spends 12percent of the national budget for education that is far from the suggested cut of the World Bank which is 20%. Our finance to education is very far from other Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. 2.Lack of well-trained teachers and classrooms to cut down number of students. 3.Low salaries of teachers.

4.The government is very slow in giving quality and standardized education to provinces. They rather give much time to schools near in Manila. 5.Instructional materials for teachers are not enough. Explain how a failure in one of the organ system affects the function of other organ system.

While the Philippine's people enjoy a high level of literacy and the number of schools have greatly increased, the system still has many problems. Generally, there has been a decline in the quality of education, many people still cannot afford education, and the government needs to increase spending on education.

The current trends of elementary education in the Philippines have been a decline in student enrollment. The goal of universal access for elementary education worldwide by the year 2015 is at risk of not being achieved.

The current Philippine issue in education would be the lack of classrooms, books, teachers and the out of date educational system for students.

Demography is usually about the population of a certain country and the profile of the population. This affects education in the country such that when people are to many and facilities are too small, education does not become a priority,...
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