Disturbed People

Topics: Law, Poverty, Government Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Societal problems in our country
1. Poverty
As of today, many Filipino families are experiencing poverty due overpopulation, inadequate education and employment, high standards of living and costs of living, etc. To end poverty, Labor Intensive Technology must be used in the Philippines. It means that it is not only the use of machinery in some production but also the use of man power. This will help those poor people to have work and sustain the needs of their family. Every couple must know the importance of family planning. This will help them to plan for their future and for their children’s future. If they only have a family planning, they would not have difficulties in sustaining the needs of their children. 2. Human rights

Solution for this is prioritizing programs that target fundamental human rights. Every individual should have access to housing, food, clean water, healthcare and electricity. Technically governments should only move on to other projects after they have made sure that programs that provide these basic amenities to their people are up and running. 3. Out of school youth

Nowadays, many children can be found in the streets instead of being at school to learn. Some of them at early age are working for them to have money to buy food to eat. The government must help those children who cannot afford to go to school. The government must give them free education in order for the children to have a better future. 4. Crimes and Criminal Justice

The very, very slow wheel of justice in the Philippines is very clear in the turtle-paced progress. This is one of the problems in our country. There is increasing number of crimes because of poverty. In effect, there is also increasing number of death of civilians because of crimes. And another effect is lack of justice for the families of those civilians who died because of crimes. In solution for this, authorities like police must be more active and more responsible for their duties in our...
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