Culture Within My Workplace

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Culture within my Workplace

Ryan Harris

BUS610: Organizational Behavior

Leo Smith


Culture within my Workplace

I currently am employed with the U.S. Coast Guard as a federal employee for the Surface Forces Logistics Center under the Medium Endurance Cutter Product Line (MECPL). The Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) is the main unit for which I work for and they represent the dominant culture because the SFLC is the hub of the Coast Guard. Our overall mission is to provide the surface fleet and other assigned assets with depot level maintenance, engineering, supply, logistics, and information services to support Coast Guard missions. The chain of command that falls under the SFLC are its subcultures and it works its way down the line from the highest ranking military members to its lowest ranking.  Civilians or federal employees are also a part of this chain of command and the level of importance goes by the pay scale or pay grade.  Along with higher pay comes more responsibility and the higher ranking individuals usually absorb any punishment for the people for which they represent if that unit or section doesn’t do something right or in time.  This was a culture difference to me when I first entered active duty military back in 2002.  I wasn’t use to having anybody who was a higher ranking than me being able to tell me what to do.  It felt like I was being bossed around and I felt that some individuals took advantage of this.  Once I was in active duty status for a few years I quickly realized that they were only doing it because they were tasked from a higher ranking individual than them to get something done and their plate was already full and lacked time to get the tasking accomplished in time. 
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