Culture and Crime in Society

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Culture and Crime in Society

Culture as a set of practices formed among individuals that form a given society has been cultivated and formed over time. The accepted cultural practices can often have positive and negative impact on not just what is perceived acceptable and appropriate in a society, but also can influence rate of certain crimes.

Culture as a collection of practices, rituals, goals, values, and customs of a given society is formed over many years. There are many different historical elements that have a great deal of influence upon its formation at times. There are also practices that may be formed due to geographical and physical characteristics of environment. Whatever causes formation of a certain series of practices and beliefs, it is formed over often a lengthy period of time and one can even say that a given culture is always in process of formation. There are times that political powers and/or ideologies may exert a great deal of influence, yet at other times a philosophical or religious doctrine might be a dominating factor.

Society on the other hand is a collection of individuals that are in constant direct or indirect interaction. Interactions of people forming a given society happen in context of their culture. Culture as a context for a community applies either directly or indirectly a frame-work for attitudes and manners of exchanges experienced on daily basis.

Granted that a wide range of behaviors are developed over time as mentioned which leads to formation of a culture, yet as generations pass by roots of a given practice or even the value of a given protocol of interaction among people may become forgotten or even ignored. As even longer period of time passes, one can recognize many behaviors are not merely based on one’s conscious decision, but rather due to an unconscious learned behavior from the culture itself.

Cultural role and influence may have both positive and negative consequences for an...
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