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Question 1: Discuss the CSR practices of any one organization of your choice. Answer
Coca Cola India is the organization which has been winning the ‘Golden Peacock’ award for Environment Management many times. Hence I have selected it as the organization whose CSR practices I will be discussing here. The company proudly states its 120 year old history with its global presence in about 200 countries and 90,500 associates. The company contributes not only to the soft drink industry but also to the economy of the country as a whole. The company has a special department for that deals specifically with the environment and social community issues; still it has not helped the company in staying away from controversies. Coca Cola India being one of the largest beverages companies in India realized that it needed to have firm CSR strategies as a very integral part of its functioning. As a company official states that being a company of such a large magnitude; the company realises what social, economic and environment impact it can have on the country and hence started various initiatives to improve the life of its entire workforce, customers and the society as a large. Hence it stated its CSR Vision as ‘To be a trusted partner contributing to the social, economic and environmental progresses’. It commits to spend a percentage of the company’s turnover towards CSR initiatives. Coca Cola India has various CSR practices being followed. In addition to sports events and cultural festivals the company also has sponsored projects in education, health and water conservation. The details of this above mentioned initiatives are as follows; Education

There are 2 kinds of practices which Coca Cola has followed or will be following in the field of education. 1) Direct Investment
There is a centre called Jagriti Learning Centre which is located in Pune near Coca Cola plants and is run by various NGO’s like CRY, Pratham, Prayas and Literacy India. Coca Cola provides capital to buy computers and train teachers to promote a community awareness about importance of literacy in India. 2) Future Education Programs

In lines with the goals set by United Nations, Coca Cola will launch a signature CSR campaign for India by partnering ANAWA ( The India Army, Navy and Air force Wives Association) and UNESCO for providing health education of communicable diseases like AIDS by building schools for the urban poor. Although this will be an investment whose returns are not guaranteed but Coca Cola will be launching such a signature campaign as a part of its CSR practices. Health

In the field of health awareness Coca Cola regularly organises sessions for increasing the awareness of communicable diseases amongst the urban poor by conducting regular training. In the near future it is also eyeing to implement an effective garbage disposal project in Delhi in association with the resident welfare associations. Water

The company had earlier faced a lot of criticism regarding its bottling plants depleting the groundwater resources in various parts of the country. Notwithstanding the criticisms the company continued with various initiatives like rainwater harvesting, restoring groundwater resources, and going in for sustainable packaging and recycling and serving the communities where it operated. Still the critics felt that these initiatives where being made to improve its tarnished brand image and not for helping the society in any manner. Coca Cola is already meeting the statutory rainwater harvesting requirement. This case discusses the challenges faced by the company in implementing its new CSR strategy. These details range back to the time March 2008. Till this date no other corporate imagined of achieving the goal of ‘Water Neutrality’. Now before explaining what Water Neutrality means; let me explain why water issues are been given so much importance. As we know water scarcity issues are gaining importance day by...
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