Review of Social Performance of Coca Cola

Topics: Coca-Cola, Thums Up, Diet Coke Pages: 4 (2117 words) Published: May 6, 2010
The review of the Social Performance of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is the world largest beverage company at the moment (Food and Beverage Close-Up 2010). Being a large and well known company, They have several responsibilities and obligations to both the society and stakeholders. Social responsibilities means that business should oversee the operations of the economy which fulfill the public expectation (Steiner 1971). Most businesses primary focus is to make profits and staying ahead of their competitiors. However, they need to take into account their responsibility to the other end of the group in the society and stakeholders. The number of consumer who take into account of the company social performance is steadily growing and it is an important aspect for companies to keep this in mind when conducting the nature of their business. This paper will discuss and review about Coca Cola Social performance both in its positive and negative light. Since 2005, Coca Cola Environmental Performance Measures Report showed that Coca Cola had a 5% reduction in energy use, 4% reduction in the water use, 3% reduction in solid waste and 3% increase in recycling and the number predicted are going to rise in the future (Coca-Cola environmental performance improves 2005). Coca Cola had launched a programme called “Live positively” (Coca Cola n.d.). This programme emphasise on both taking care of the planet and helping the community. Recycling Programme, conservation of water and climate protection are their main focus on environment. Evidence to support this is the recent partnership between Coca Cola and USAID (Businesswire 2010). On March 22 2010, Coca Cola Company announced that they will further invest $12.7 Million USD in their global partnership (Businesswire 2010). WADA is established by Coca Cola and USAID in order to tackle the scarcity and degrading of water in 22 countries such as Africa,Middle East and South East Asia (Businesswire 2010). They had helped 300,000 people...
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