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Title : Horror Movie Terrified? Hell No!

Horror movies are not that scary as people think it is. The positive reasons of watching horror movies actually has quite a few. In theory, watching horror movies could let yourself feel positive and negative emotions simultaneously which is fascinating how a brain could do that. Horror movies are also being watched just to feel happy to be unhappy. Horror movies also could boost the viewers adrenaline which is good for health for the body circulation flow. Besides that, horror movies represent the decay of society, show the value of staying within societal norms, or allow people to feel fear within a controlled setting. Through this research essay, readers could actually know quite a few reasons why people like to watch horror movies and how it affects the mind of numerous viewers in an affirmative way.

Horror movies are not that scary as people think it is. Sometimes, people have the concept of horror as thrilling, blood-spilling and mind-twisting. But there is a saying, “ Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Actually horror movies could be as exciting and fun to watch. Although almost 75% of the population in the world still find that horror movies are terrifying and gruesome, yet there are a few thousands of people enjoy watching horror movies and become addicted fans of this genre.

Fear is a mysterious yet scary emotion. It prompts horror movie viewers to have the motivation to pursue pleasure and avoid pain during the process. If most people do not like to watch horror movie, it seems counterintuitive that so many people would voluntarily immerse themselves in almost two hours of fear, disgust and terror. "Why do people pay for this?" "How is this enjoyable?" In this essay, I am going to discuss about the positive effect of watching horror movies. Researchers, before Eduardo Andrade and Joel B.Cohen theorized their point of view, have found two assumptions for the reason why people would prefer to watch horror movies. According to them, first, horror movie viewers are not actually afraid of watching horror movies ( 2010 ). Instead they feel excited before they watch the movie as they do not know how the plot is planned for the entire movie. They feel as if they are anticipating something to happen during the movie that might get them thrilled of their lives. The second assumption is that horror movie viewers are willing to endure the terror in order to enjoy an euphoric sense of relief at the end of the movie. For example, watching Paranormal Activity late at night would be as terrifying as walking back home alone late at night on a cold and quiet street. Yet, people would still watch the movie late at night to feel a sense of relief as to make themselves to withstand the terror of everyday lives. But, these theories are presumed wrong by Eduardo Andrade and Joel B. Cohen in Journal of Consumer Research. They believed that a reevaluation of 2 dominant explanations for people’s willingness to consume “negative” experience is in order. ( 2010 ) They also assumed that people cannot experience negative and positive emotions simultaneously. This assumption of people’s inability to experience positive and negative effect at the same time is incorrect. In truth, people could actually experience all different kinds of feelings and emotions at the same time. For instance, when a mother of a high school student knew her daughter’s result is not all that good at the end of the day, she would feel disappointed that her daughter did not get the result that she anticipated from her. She would feel angry and scold her daughter for not getting a good result. But at the same time, she feels that she is grateful and relieved that even though her daughter score just average marks in her class but she had tried her best on making the best effort that she could. So, it is actually not precise to say that a person could not experience both postive and...
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