Criticalthink Skills
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Thinking Skills
From English Certificate of Education (International)

What and Why
Involves learning specific intellectual skills independent of subject content Improve objective, investigative and rigorous thinking Improve ability to understand, analyze and resolve problems Useful in fields of law, research science, social science, business, accounting, engineering, medicine and journalism

Thinking Skills
1. 2. 3. 4. Problem Solving Critical Thinking Critical Reasoning Applied Reasoning

Problem Solving
Designed to assess ability to analyze numerical and graphical information in real life situations, evaluate possible reasons for unexpected variations Recognize, extract and use relevant data in order to find new information or derive informed solutions, conclusions or decisions Uses skills such as data handling, reading, modeling, logic and reasoning

Problem Solving Core
1. Select and process quantitative or qualitative data: verbal, tabular or graphical 2. Find methods and procedures: determine how to use data to solve the problem and produce a solution or evaluate several possible scenarios to find the optimum solution 3. Identify relationships and hypotheses: match information in one form with a different representation; make reasoned choice of possible cause of variation, or visualize shapes and views and how they change 4. Use analysis and modeling: determine which date is necessary to contribute to solution or sufficiently strong with other data to solve the problem

Critical Thinking
Central to this skill is the idea of “argument” Learn to recognize reasoned arguments, rather than quarrelling, disputing, reporting or explaining

Main activities include: analysis, evaluation and construction of argument.

CT Skills
1. Analysis: identify key elements of a reasoned case and understand how they function 2. Evaluate: make informed judgements about soundness, strength or weakness of reasoning 3. Learn to assess impacts of responses

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