Critical Thinking

Topics: Critical thinking, Public, Debate Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: February 16, 2013
English 111
27 January 2013
Audience Analysis

The general audience I would like to target in this particular essay would have to be my fellow classmates, and instructor. What I feel I am expressing in this essay about “The American Culture” by Deborah Tannen will be in relation to any and all participating in this assignment as well as having read this particular article. Being Americans, we have all read this article, even if not by words. Just as we all live in the “argument culture” now, being America. I consider my audience to be informal, and perhaps a little apathetic towards this subject. I plan to inform, and in some way motivate my audience to view the exact same article they have read on their own, through another fellow peers words, my words. The essay I have written is in my own paraphrase of how I have comprehended the article, “The Argument Culture” by Deborah Tannen. I hope to give the readers a different insight on how our culture is viewed. Not only by others but also, by ourselves. The emotional appeal this article has had on me is mainly from myself finding Tannens theories to be not so far from fact. I feel the general audience reading this particular essay will be able to relate generously to the topic, as well as have shared views, and opinions.

Critically Thinking

Professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, Deborah Tannen describes in her article “The Argument Culture” the diverse American society, and their progression towards more aggressive forms of communication. Tannen discusses how the American culture views their issues, questions, and conflicts as having two sides and two sides only (405). Constant opinions opposing one another for the same end result, one, and only one being right. Not only does the argument culture we live in make it more challenging to pass back and forth "critical" information such as, religion, or politics. The argument culture we see ourselves plunging into limits the amount of...
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