Critical reasoning

Topics: The Tale of Genji, Woman, Novel Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Critical Reasoning I

Sappho- The type or style of writing that Sappho used in “To Absent Lovers” was poetry. Her literary work was rather easy to comprehend. Her writing matter was about two people that seemed to be in love with one another that eventually had to separate in the end. Ban Zhao- Her style of writing is Biography. The passage “Admonitions for Women,” tells us about the role of women in ancient medieval China. This was an interesting outlook on the way women were viewed and treated in China. Women today are viewed a lot different than how they were viewed in China. Women were expected to do their part and do whatever the men needed them to do. For example, if a woman was to mess up, they were expected to confess and admit it. If they did something good, they were expected not to mention it. Lady Murasaki- The style of writing in “The Tale of Genji” was mainly romance. The passage talks about the romantic adventures of Genji and also gives an idea about the outlook on romance in Japanese cultures. Anna Comnena- The style of writing in the passage “The Alexiad” was biography. Comnena describes the political and military history of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of her father. It went in to great detail of describing every little thing about each person. Hildegard of Bingen- The style of writing in “Visions” is Autobiography. She speaks of the visions the “five tones of righteousness” she claims to receive from God which establish the salvation and redemption of believers.
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