Critical Disposition

Topics: Critical thinking, Law, Western culture Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: August 31, 2008
In my opinion critical disposition is to look at something from more than one angle. Be open to new idea’s and not accept the first theory or concept that you are told. Create your own way of thinking and not be the type to follow a crowd. Critical disposition – a tendency to be critical

“A critical disposition is a tendency to self-reflect and change one’s views when required, a willingness to question orthodoxy and challenge ignorance and injustice, and an awareness of which approach is the most appropriate in a given situation.”

My incident took place in the very first lecture of LAWS1112, when our lecturer quoted Johnston. Although the lecture was based around what makes a critical lawyer, and the necessary skills needed, the one point that stuck out was “who benefits from the law”. This will be about developing critical disposition on the possibility of changing law to make it more beneficial to everyone as appose to specific groups of society. Was Law taught in a way that made you believe you can make a difference? I found that hard to take in because of my cynical view that when it came to benefiting everyone, there was this idea that made you think law was the all “great and equal opportunity for fall” which I personally did not believe and that actually studying law would most probably reflect the idea of a “perfect law”.

The incident related to the overall course objectives because it was the main non orthodox description of how our law really works, and the different methods of explaining exactly what law is about. What is law? Who controls it? Why do we follow it…all questions that every individual asks at some point. As for a personal note, the incident related to me because I have grown up in a Arab country where law is created around money, bribery and what we call “wasta” (the hierarchy of power within the family name or how close you are to royalty). There is no such thing as committing a crime, as long as you have...
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