Criminal Justice System Paper

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Criminal Justice System Paper


Vonnie Cooper

March 28, 2011

Ken Salmon

The word “crime” means an illegal action that is prohibited by law or a breakage of certain laws set forth by the criminal justice system. When someone breaks the law he/she will have consequences that will fall upon them and will be handled accordingly, whether it is jail time or probation.

The criminal justice system in America is separated by each state, with each state being divided into three major components. Each state handles adult and juveniles cases differently. The three important components are: Law enforcement, the Court and Corrections


Law enforcement is the first component. Law Enforcement is the first line of action and is the most dangerous component in the justice system. Law enforcement is important to the criminal justice system and is made up the local police precints and departments that house thousands of men and women officers and detectives who are sworn in to serve and protect the citizens off the United States. The officers head up local departments and are responsible for apprehending and securing men/women who broke the law brought together by the different states. Police officers will also be held accountable for conveying charges against criminals and to make certain the ocurrances are valid enough to hold up in the court of law.

The Court is the second component. The Court is the second line of action in the justice system and means just as much as the law enforcement. The court system consists of the prosecution and defense lawyers, many judges and juries. Each of these persons make sure those accused of a crime are...

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