Crime Control

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Crime has become as multifaceted as human nature, impinging on communities and threatening human rights and freedoms. Has the impact of criminal activity become extremely intense, that we as society members have strayed away from honesty and justice? Are individuals no longer valuing integrity and fairness? Criminal justice organizations both public and private sectors goals are to reduce crime within the communities and regain the trust and confidence in a fair and just system for law-abiding citizens. In the process of achieving a fair and just society, due process and crime control tactics must adhere to the ethical dimensions of the criminal justice system. I am prepared to introduce a synopsis that highlights key ethical issues in the justice system that is directly affected by ethical motives. Honesty versus Justice within the Communities

Trust is a factor that is lacking within the communities, and the question in mind is how will the criminal justice organization rehabilitate the issue and let justice prevail. Justice is often defined as fairness or the suitable rewards or retribution. Justice focuses more on a person’s rights more than the needs of an individual. So how can justice prevail if community members are fighting against law enforcement, and honesty among officers and the community is obsolete? In many cases, even when people notice a crime, they often turn the other way. According to NPR (2010), “Witnesses to crimes involving things like gang activities can often be scared away from giving information to police. It does not help that a stop snitching philosophy has been promoted by some hip-hop artists and many urban communities” (para 2). After past incidents of bad treatment by the outside world and law enforcement, it has become a mainstream thought in many minority communities law enforcement is not to be trusted. And if the community cannot trust police officials, the people in the community will not step forward and be...
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