Crime and Investigation: Jack the Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper

Topics: Jack the Ripper, Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Service Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: February 6, 2014
‘in 1888,the police did not have the benefit of modern forensic methods,such as dna testing and fingerprinting which are readily avialible to police officers today.They had to rely on old = fashioned methods of detecting crime :catching the criminal committing the crime;finding witnesses who saw the crime being commited.’

jack the ripper: the 21st century investigation by trevor marriot

The files and other source material
New Scotland Yard have no files on the murders, nor details of the inquiry. The documents have been transfered over to the Public Record Office at Ruskin Avenue, Kew. Metropolitan Police Office Record

Document information
MEPO 1/48
Commissioner's letters, confidential and private, 1867-91.
MEPO 1/54
Out Ietters, 1890-1919.
MEPO 1/55
Letters to Home Office etc., 1883-1904.
MEPO 1/65
Letters from Receiver to Home Office etc., 1868-91.
MEPO 2/227
Police reinforcements for Whitechapel after Pinchin St. murder 1891. MEPO 31140
Files on each of the Whitechapel murders (that on Emma Smith missing). MEPO 3/141
Whitechapel murders, miscellaneous correspondence and suspects. MEPO 3/142
'Jack the Ripper' letters.
MEPO 3/3153
Documents on the Whitechapel murders returned to Yard in 1987. MEPO 3/3155
Photographs of Whitechapel Murder victims (original of Stride missing). MEPO 3/3156
Copy of photograph of Elizabeth Stride
The police investigation of the Ripper murders was, as Paul Begg said, “professional and competent” for the resources that were available at the time; however, I believe that they could have done much more. I completely agree with Philip Sugden in The Complete History of Jack the Ripper when he states that they police were too retrospective. They insisted on using old methods such as bloodhounds, pardons, and rewards to find the killer rather than allowing themselves to have “innovative spirit” in utilizing new methods such as photography, fingerprinting, the press,...
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