Jack the Ripper

Topics: Jack the Ripper, Metropolitan Police Service, Criminal Investigation Department Pages: 1 (440 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Why Was Jack able to get away with murder?
Living in London was very hard at the time of Jack the Ripper. For example, houses were often over crowded, streets were mazelike and the streets were very noisy because of the trains which meant that the noisiness could cover the sounds of the victims screams. Also, it was always dark and foggy because of the smoke from fires and factories. This meant that the smoke and stinking gas fumes choked the streets so badly that at times it was not even possible to sleep your own hand in your face-these smogs were called pea soupers because of their greenish colour. Many women spent their time on the streets of London, selling themselves. This meant that Jack could find his victims very easily. When they got money they spent it on alcohol, their only escape from their terrible lives was drink and they quickly became helpless alcoholics. Again this made it easy for Jack to attack because they would be vulnerable and would not be aware of what was going on. The police tried their best. For example they worked hard and explored all leads but their techniques were limited, they spent countless day in the presence of Whitechapel. However, they did not have forensic evidence at the time, apart from autopsies and taking statements from people who might know something the was nothing else that the metropolitan police force could do. Forensic evidence wasn’t available yet, the police could not even manage a satisfactory artist’s impression of the Whitechapel’s murders. Also it was believed that most of the two forces worked together, but there is evidence that the senior officers did not. I think there failure to co-operate during the ripper investigation meant that the killer walked free. In addition to this, i think the lack of reward led people not to co-operate with the ripper investigation. And the abuse of evidence may have been one of the main reasons as the police force had found a piece of Eddowe’s apron, which the ripper...
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