jack the ripper

Topics: Jack the Ripper, Serial killer, Murder Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: April 10, 2014

Title: Informative Speech
Topic: Murders
Specific Topic: Jack The Ripper
General Purpose: Inform the audience about Jack the Ripper
Specific Purpose: Scare the audience with my speech


Attention-getter: The days were gloomy and the nights were cold and dark. White chapel, London during the year 1888 was the perfect place for serial killer to come out of the shadows and meet there victims.

Thesis Statement: And today is a perfect day to inform you all about the murder: who made a name for himself during these times . “Jack the Ripper
Relevance Statement: Although these murders took place in a different time doesn’t mean people cant learn from them.
Credibility Statement: Although watching many documentaries of the mass murders ,does not make me an expert . It does make me a fan, who wonders who jack the ripper really was.

Preview (ONE sentence):I will begin by taking you back to the scene of the crime, then I will speak about the man behind the murders ,and finally I will finish off by mentioning the legacy he left behind.

Transition Sentence: Now lets begin where the fear all started , the murders itself.

I. Main Point 1: The killings of 5 women was not what strike fear into people but how these women were killed and left ,is what really made even the bravest me turn white
A. Sub-point: Mary Ann, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Mary Jane were all women who pleased men for the right price. During these times the majority of women were prostitutes being violently treated and thrown like trash. But unfortunately for these 5 women it did not stop there.

B. Sub-point: In the article “The Five Known Victims Of Jack the Ripper” states that all the victims were drunk at the time of their murders. All victims had the throat gashed open and their abdomen ripped out. They were all found with their legs drawn out but for Mary Jane and Cathine, they were found the same...
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