In What Ways Have Our Historic Roots Affected the Manner in Which Criminal Investigations Are Conducted in the United States Today?

Topics: Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Crime Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: September 1, 2013
In what ways have our historic roots affected the manner in which criminal investigations are conducted in the United States today?| |

Criminal Investigation today is being conducted with more technology than ever, due to that we can catch the criminals faster or even close a case, but it wasn’t always like that. Criminal Investigations started with the Bow Street Runners which became the first paid detective unit. As the years went by crime around the world stated to increase, due to that more investigation departments stated developing. One of the most significant person to play a role in today’s police investigations was Allan Pinkerton he was the first detective in Chicago. He was part of the Secret Service and he developed techniques that are still being used in today by police work like the undercover work. After the agency in Chicago was established other agencies started growing around the world more strategies on investigating cases were being develop and were being adapted by other countries. In the 1800 and 1900 Forensic science improved in many ways; know they did not only have the finger printing for evidence but also Ballistic, Forensic Dentistry and serology. Not much after that they developed something that is very big now and days, the computer programs. One of the first programs was the Hitman known today as “The Computer Data Base” used to cross reference information and then they have developed other computer programs that are used by different bureau like the FBI, CSI and other police departments. In today’s society mostly everything is done on computers including they can even recreate a crime scene with the correct measurement and statistic and have a better glimpse of what might have happened. With all that said to me criminal investigation have change throughout the years, but not only to be better at conducting a criminal investigation but following the roots left from the founders of criminology making want they stated a better and...
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