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Credibility and Impact of Internet on Politic

By limmoune Mar 12, 2011 340 Words
Title| Credibility and Impact|

Assessment A, Part One - Credibility and Impact: Exploring the Internet and Politics| Indicate whether each website is credible.|
Colbert Nation: no
Crooks and Liars: no
Daily Kos: no
Red, Green and Blue: yes
Salon: yes
The Drudge Report: no
The Hill: yes
The Huffington Post: no
The Nation: yes
The New York Times: yes
The Washington Post: yes|

Assessment B: Writing the Speech|
Speech Introductory Paragraph|
Sometimes it takes some sleuthing on the 'about' page or using a search engine to learn what the site is really about. All websites are not 100 percent credible, perfection is impossible to achieve. There are sites quiet credible, but that's no guarantee. One reporter could be dishonorable, or one article will mess up the facts. Some tomes it could be possible that you are reading gossip, not news. You have to be careful about what you choose to believe on the internet. There is a lot of poorly researched, biased; sensationalist stuff out there. Nothing is business as usual any more. Anybody could get a website, and it only take twenty second to say something before it's on YouTube. The internet had increased the availability of information about the political landscape here and across the country. Politicians have to constantly pay attention to websites so they are always in the know. The availability of internet lets American participate in the political process more. Internet could benefit politician directly, however they could use internet to reach their constituents more often. Starting an email distribution list, a blog, twitters account, a podcast-anything to help them spread the message to as many people possible.|


Assessment A, Part 2: Answer the Senator about Credibility| Comment on credibility issues pertaining to using information from Internet sources.| not all post 100 percent credible, some post are false and unable to use or accept it as the best knowledge, some make some good points, is up to you to use to use your judgments. |


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