Mgt Final

Topics: Globalization, Management accounting, International trade, Management, Business, Critical thinking / Pages: 5 (1091 words) / Published: Sep 15th, 2012
MGT/521 Final Exam | | | | | | | | | Score | 100 | Total Questions: | 30 | Total Correct | 20 | Start: | 5/22/2012 7:36:38 PM | End: | 5/22/2012 9:23:17 PM |

Here is some additional information on items you missed:
Topic: Evaluate credibility and validity of sources of information. Question: You are doing research on political issues and find that you are on a conservative leaning site. What type of source credibility issue is this? Answer Rationale: Credentials, when evaluating source credibility, consists of an author’s educational and professional qualifications. Currency, when evaluating source credibility, consists of an author’s up-to-date and current experience in a particular field of study. Style, when evaluating source credibility, consists of an author’s diversity in applying concepts or other items of a particular field based on his or her diverse education, culture, values, and so on. |
Topic: Develop effective arguments. Question: A famous ice cream manufacturer sent workers to a nearby grocery store to offer shoppers a sample of its new flavor. The workers provided samples to 300 shoppers and noted that 80% of the sample population stated they liked the flavor. Based on this scenario, which of the following is an example of an inference? Answer Rationale: Workers providing samples to 300 shoppers is another form of surveying a population to determine a finding. The statement “20% of the sample population did not like the new flavor or were indifferent” is considered an implication. A person can imply obvious conclusions that are not stated. The statement “The workers were offering samples to see if the general public liked the new flavor” is an example of an intention. Intention suggests how the study will be developed and conducted. |
Topic: Evaluate alignment of personal values and organizational values. Question: What is the best way for the CEO to deal with managers in key positions

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