Creative Writing Belonging

Topics: Walking, Automobile, Mind Pages: 2 (1001 words) Published: May 13, 2015
The day arrived. The day I have been dreading for weeks. I knew that today I would have to deal with unwanted tears and emotions of sadness and emptiness running freely throughout my body. Today was the day that everything changed and the whole world around me would collapse. This was the day that I would have to travel 6209.2km across the world. To a place that is foreign and unknown to me but was once a place I used to call home.

It was 6:09am in Bahrain. I watched as the large glowing sphere rose slowly into the dull morning sky. Casting sunbeams in every direction while it illuminated the small town. I stared out the glass panes in my room as the colours made by the rising sun changed, growing more vivid with the passing time. Making the sky more radiant as it climbed higher and higher into the sky. But as beautiful as the morning was I knew today would be horrible. I walk out of my small but dainty room and there to meet me by my door is my two beautiful German Sheppard’s that you will ever meet. Their long fluffy brown tails wagging uncontrollably followed by their perfectly pink tongue sticking out, trying to lick you like you’re a deliciously new lollipop. I walked through the house for one last time, dogs down by my side, taking in the smell of freshly picked flowers and remembering all the memories and knowing that this was the place where I belonged.

I crouch down and pick up my large oversized black and white bag and head for the door. I look down at my dogs and their black twinkling eyes not knowing what’s to come. I fall down on to the cold white tiles of the kitchen floor and give them one last final tight hug goodbye with tears streaming down my face not wanting to let go knowing that I will never see them again. I finally release them, stand up and walk out of the house not wanting to look back. The hot muggy air hits me as I walk to the car. I get in and tears are running unchecked down my face onto my lips, being able to taste the warm...
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