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Topics: Mind, Thought, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: August 24, 2011
I felt expelled and exiled, sitting in a room filled only with a bed. White walls which painted no imagination, no hope just emptiness; yet they still assured me I was meant to be here. Every day was the same as the last, every memory I captured had slowly escaped. I was considered dangerous, vile and out of control; these words constantly surrounded me, swirling around in the echoes of the halls. 15 years I have been here, and still not once has my voice box being strained. Everyday new comers are filling the halls with recent experiences, these are the only colour these halls ever hold, the only colour we are ever able to grasp and use to paint our own ideas of community; they enable us oldies to once again imagine. Soon enough the halls go back to plain white and emotionless passages and so to do my imaginations, the images that i had held slowly fade over and over again until i am left with nothing. This only reminded me of what was familiar. I have no sense of direction, I am bound by these walls, both physically and mentally, I am isolated from a community I wasn’t sure I even wanted to belong to now, and it was daunting to think of what these walls were hiding from me. Questions are going through my head constantly, trying to reassure myself that I don’t belong here, but I am stuck in a routine I think will never end. I feel like shouting and screaming who do you think I am, you say you know me but how can you say when you are labelling me from presumptions previously made! Accusations are painting my future, these horrible words they use to describe me are making me go insane. It’s hard to hold any positive thoughts, let alone thoughts without anything to support me. I am told each day, this is good for me, being treated with masses of drugs, plain surroundings and vile descriptions or presumptions, and somehow I believe this is just a way to keep me here for good. I am no longer free to belong, such a simple word but when used in correspondence to...
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